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1462 Berkshire Rd
Columbus , OH 43221
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March 23, 201810:00 AM
Jym Q. checked in near Stillwater Cove Westerville, OH
March 23, 201808:56 AM
5-star review from Rick "Window cleaning"
March 23, 201808:52 AM
Jym Q. checked in near Elise Ln Westerville, OH
March 21, 201807:30 PM
5-star review from Ann "carpet cleaning"
March 21, 201805:15 PM
5-star review from Jamie "Great Service!"
March 21, 201802:53 PM
5-star review from Valantina "Great service & awesome price!"
March 21, 201808:29 AM
5-star review from Pat "Thorough. Timely and polite. "
March 20, 201808:09 PM
5-star review from Lori "Great Service"
March 16, 201806:15 AM
5-star review from Mike "Great work and value!"
March 15, 201805:15 PM
5-star review from Kevin "Available on short notice!"
March 15, 201810:52 AM
5-star review from Kelsey "Great service! My couch looked new after it was finished"
March 15, 201810:15 AM
5-star review from Sandy "What a difference I’m very happy with it"
March 15, 201808:38 AM
5-star review from Nancy "Super fast and efficient "
March 14, 201811:23 AM
5-star review from Rachael "Great service"
March 14, 201809:39 AM
5-star review from Martha "Professional service"
March 12, 201812:47 PM
5-star review from Natalie "Positive and personable"
March 12, 201812:38 PM
5-star review from Cheryl "Really efficient!"
March 11, 201806:32 AM
5-star review from Janet "Great as always!"
March 9, 201805:24 PM
5-star review from Martha "Couldn't be better"
March 9, 201801:39 PM
5-star review from Mary "Wonderful, again!"
June 22, 201709:26 AM
Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning ExplainedWe use non-toxic and natural solutions to clean carpet and treat pet stains & odors safely and effectively so your entire family can enjoy clean carpet and a healthy home. Each time we clean your carpet we donate more to ... +1s 0 0 0
June 11, 201705:26 PM
Pet Safe Carpet CleaningHighest rated pet safe carpet cleaning at the lowest price. We are pet stain and odor experts. Our cleaning process uses non-toxic and natural solutions to clean carpet and treat pet stains and odors safely and effectively. +1s 0 0 0
May 26, 201710:38 AM

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We use non-toxic and natural solutions to clean carpets safely and effectively without leaving any harmful residue to keep your family and pets healthy. We also help support local pet adoption and we provide other specialized cleaning services such as window cleaning, power washing, 24/7 emergency water restoration and more.
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1462 Berkshire Rd
Columbus, OH 43221

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